Patient Portal

Monroe Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates Patient Portal

While information is provided to patients through this Secure Patient Portal, we recommend patients exercise caution when utilizing the Portal to insure the security of the information. For example, use of the Portal on a public computer would not be advisable. Also, information provided is limited and should not be construed as the full medical records nor as a method for communication with the office. Any questions or concerns should be made directly to the office by telephone at 734-243-5020 so that you can be assisted as quickly as possible. Use of this portal by a patient is considered to be acknowledgement of the above by the patient.

Complete medical records should be requested directly from the office, particularly if you wish to have it sent to another physician’s office. Records available here through the portal are summaries only and should not be construed as complete medical records.  This site contains private medical information.  If you are not a properly authorized user, do not proceed with this login.